Stripping & Waxing

VCT stands for Vinyl Composite Tile. At TUF Cleaning we provide the best in VCT stripping and waxing services.Whether you have an industrial facility, large retail store, or just a few offices we can make your tiles look new. We provide cleaning, burnishing, recoats, and full strip and wax. We can also service your vinyl sheet flooring, also known as laminate.

For a complete strip or total restoration of your waxed tile floor we use low VOC chemicals to emulsify the wax. After a few minutes of dwell time it is followed by a low speed heavy duty stripping machine. What sets apart from our competitors is that we use nylon stripping brushes instead of pads. This allows us to fully strip the tile even where there are dips and heavy lippage. The brushes can cover all uneven areas of the floor for a complete strip and removal of dirt and grime. This is followed by a neutralizing rinse and full extraction.

Once the floors are dry we use a high solids hard wax. This type of wax is meant for high traffic and longevity. We apply three coats of wax unless the customer requests additional. We use microfiber applicator pads to apply the wax in order to avoid debris from traditional mops being used. With their regular cleaning crew using a pH neutral floor cleaner to mop, most customers see us just once a year for a full strip and wax.

For customers with very high traffic we do have maintenance plans to keep your tile clean. We offer weekly service of clean and buff. Monthly or quarterly services include clean and burnish. Semi annual service to scrub and recoat, and any other type of maintenance customized to your needs.

So for the very best of stripping and waxing or polishing your tiles call TUF Cleaning!