Tile and Grout

When you need tile and grout cleaning and sealing you want the best. When you’re looking for a company it can be a tough choice. TUF Cleaning brings expertise and knowledge to beat out the competition. Whether you need an entire factory cleaned or a residential home TUF Cleaning has you covered. Through chemistry, heat and high pressure we can restore your tile and grout to like new.

Tile and grout cleaning first starts with assessing the type of tile. Whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, marble, travertine, slate, quarry or brick we have the expertise to care for all tile types. We then assess the type of build up on the floor. These factors will determine what type of chemistry is used to best clean your tile. Some floors require an acid based chemical that is best used to breakup inorganic build up. Other floors require an alkaline based chemical to break up organic materials. The expert knowledge comes in because we know which type of tiles each of the chemicals can safely be used on. Once the chemistry is determined we apply the chemical and setup the truckmount.

The truckmount is a unit that produces 250 degree water at 4 gallons a minute up to 1,000 psi. At that point the floor is essentially pressure washed with a vacuum that immediately extracts the water. The fully encapsulated tool keeps the water contained. The floors are left no more wet than when you mop them and are dry within minutes.

Sealing your tile is a great idea to extend the life of the cleaning. Natural stone tile should always be sealed with a penetrating sealer. Penetrating sealers also come in color enhancing sealer. Grout for ceramic tile is sealed with an impregnating clear seal in order to not alter the color of the grout. Quarry, slate and brick tiles are typically sealed using a topical color enhancing sealer.

For the very best tile and grout cleaning and sealing call TUF Cleaning!