Carpet Cleaning

For honest, reliable and on time carpet cleaning TUF Cleaning is the right company for your needs. We have expert knowledge on every aspect of the chemistry behind carpet cleaning. Whether you need deep cleaning restorative carpet cleaning, pet stains,or odor removal we are well versed in it all. We service both residential and commercial locations. We provide truck mount carpet cleaning, hot water extraction and low moisture cleaning, also known as encapsulation. We have a wide range of chemicals to fit any need. We know the difference between natural and synthetic fibers and know how to treat each one.

For the deepest carpet cleaning we will use a mixture of chemicals that will dissolve oils and greases. Then, we mechanically scrub the carpet with a CRB that helps to lift the carpet fibers and dig out deeply embedded dirt from the bottom of the carpet. Then we will follow with the truck mount using hot water extraction. We set the temperature to the highest level that is safe for your fibers. The rinse has both a neutralizer and peroxide. This ensures that your carpet will be soft, bright and not attract dirt.

One of the most important parts of any carpet cleaning is the dry time. Most carpets are dry within two hours. With four hours being on the high end. The way we achieve this is through higher CFM’s and water lift than most other carpet cleaning companies.

For low moisture cleaning we use encapsulation chemicals along with peroxide to help disinfect and brighten the carpets. The encapsulation process emulsifies and then crystallized the dirt and stains in your carpet. The CRB tool breaks the crystallized dirt free from the carpet fibers. The encapsulation solution coats the fibers with a protector so that the crystallized dirt is not reabsorbed. This process is finished when the carpet is dry, usually dry within 30 minutes. Each time you vacuum the remaining crystallized debris that the CRB did not remove will be extracted.

We also offer carpet protector and enzyme treatment for pet stains and odor removal. For the best in class carpet cleaning, call TUF Cleaning!