Natural Stone

Natural stone is one of the most beautiful types of floor, shower, counter and table tops. However, marble, travertine, and limestone are some of the most delicate surfaces to care for. TUF Cleaning can advise you on safe practices to protect and care for your natural stone to maintain a beautiful surface for years to come.

Someone may call if they want more shine. Some people will call if the surface is too shiny. Some will call because an installer put a sealer on it that has left a haze. Or maybe you’ve had a spill from a glass of wine and now it’s stained. Maybe it’s just really dirty and you want it professionally cleaned. Solutions can be as simple as a polishing powder or it can be a full restoration. A full restoration may include filling cracks, grinding, honing, and bringing your stone back to a full polish. Or maybe you want a color enhancing sealer or the grout cleaned. We can restore it to any level of polished finish. At TUF Cleaning we bring experience and knowledge to the table to restore your stone back to life!

Our process is a wet process in order to eliminate dust and to protect the stone from burning. At TUF Cleaning we care about your property. Each job begins with containing the work space and protecting the surrounding areas. This may be as simple as using painters tape and plastic to protect the 24” up the wall or building plastic or cardboard walls to polish counters and protect floors.

The grinding phase involves using diamond impregnated metals to cut off the top layer of damaged natural stone. Whether or not metals are used will be determined by the severity of the damaged marble. If your natural stone requires a full restoration this is the avenue to take. This exposes a fresh layer of stone for refinement. If this phase is necessary it will remove lippage, gauges, and severe etching. At this point we can move on to the honing phase.

Honing is the process of removing the scratches in the travertine from the grinding phase. This is to create a flat surface without scratches and little to no shine. The color of the stone begins to show through. This is done through hybrid and resin diamonds. For some people, this is the desired finish and all that’s left is to seal your stone. For others a polished surface is desired.

The polishing phase can be semi gloss at 1,500 grit up to 11,000 for a mirror-like reflection. 3,000 grit is the most popular polished finish. This phase is done by using diamond resins and polishing pads. At this stage we are refining the marble to a very smooth surface and closing down the pores. This allows light to reflect off the surface creating what is known as polished natural stone.

Whether you choose to hone or polish your marble, travertine, limestone, quartz or granite, sealer is a must! There are impregnating sealers, topical sealers and color enhancing sealers. Your unique stone and environment will help us to advise you on the perfect fit.

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