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When you need concrete grinding, refining, polishing, staining or sealing you want the best. When you’re looking for a company it can be a tough choice. TUF Cleaning brings expertise and knowledge to beat out the competition. Whether you need paint removal, glue removal, or epoxy removal TUF Cleaning has you covered. Through concrete grinding and polishing we can create a beautiful floor that will last for years to come.


Concrete refinement has three phases. Grinding, honing, and polishing. Each one of these phases involves heavy equipment for both wet and dry polishing. We use OSHA approved HEPA vacuums and filtration to assure a dust-free environment. It is our job to educate you on each of these phases in order to ensure you get the floor you desire.

1. Concrete Grinding

The grinding phase involves using diamond impregnated metals or carbide bits to cut off the top layer of damaged concrete, paint, epoxy or glue. The type of metals used will be determined by the desired finish and the current state of the floor. This exposes a fresh layer of concrete for refinement. If this phase is necessary you will be left with a beautiful salt and peppered concrete floor or you can choose to grind deeper to expose large aggregate. At this point you will have a flat floor with scratches from the metals which is a wonderful finish as a prep job for a new flooring type to be installed. If polished concrete is the desired outcome we move to the next phase which is honing.

2. Concrete Honing

Honing is the process of removing the scratches in the concrete from the grinding phase. This is to create a flat surface without scratches and little to no shine. The color of the concrete begins to show through. This is done through hybrid and resin diamonds. This is the phase at which we can stain and densify the concrete if desired.

3. Concrete polishing

The polishing phase can be considered anywhere from 400 to 3,000 grit. 400 grit is the most popular in industrial settings where sheen is not the most important consideration. At this grit durability and longevity against heavy equipment and high traffic is achieved. 800 grit is the most popular in retail and residential. This type of floor has a slight increase in durability over 400 grit. It has 60 to 70% more DOI and reflectiveness creating a more aesthetically pleasing finish. This phase is done by using diamond resins and polishing pads. At this stage we are refining the concrete to a very smooth surface and closing down the pores. This allows light to reflect off the surface creating what is known as polished concrete.

 Concrete sealing

Now that we’ve been through the three phases of concrete refinement let’s talk about protecting your investment. This can be achieved through multiple types of sealers. The environment of the floor determines the type of sealer needed. There are many different types of sealer; topical guards, water-based, solvent-based and impregnating sealers. We can also fill joints, cracks and holes in the floor. Call for your free on-site estimate today.

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